Regarding pills, there is no scientific evidence that proves herbs, minerals or vitamins can increase penis size. And that is the same case with lotions.

Now that we know penile extenders are the only male enhancement products that are safe and effective. Here is a review of the three best penile extension devices.

1. The PROVEN Top Pick: The Quick Extended Pro

Even from the look of its package, the Quick Extender Pro speaks quality and performance. Being the go-to choice for many men, this penile extension product doesn’t just promise to increase penis size but it delivers long and lasting results.

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Formulated after years of research, this is the ideal penile extender device for any man that wants to enlarge their size. Other than that, the Quick Extender Pro also corrects penile curvature. This impressive device boasts of a Double Strap Support System. If you have had some experience with penile extenders then you can testify on how big of a problem slippage is.

Quick Extender Pro eliminates this issue through the integration of a DSS system which comprises of two medical-grade silicon tubes that firmly but gently hold the head and shaft in place. It is also fitted with comfort pads that make it comfortable to wear even for long hours. Thanks to this feature, you can achieve your penis increase objectives sooner than you anticipated.

This effective penile extender also features a strong spring tension that offers painless natural gains. You are also guaranteed of proportional growth in girth and length.

The thought of putting an extender on your penis may come off as a bit uncomfortable for some men. And that’s why the team of engineers at Quick Extender Pro designed an enhancement product that offers unbeatable comfort. That aside, men who are looking for a non-surgical solution to curvature correction can also enjoy a painless and safe treatment from the Quick Extender Pro.

Overall Quick Extender Pro is a male enhancement product that has built a positive reputation for itself in an industry packed with defective products. This product is backed by many reviews from men as well as women who have witnessed the satisfying results of the Quick Extender Pro. You should also know that it has a lightweight design, maintenance-free, and made with hypoallergenic medical grade aluminum and synthetics.

2. Phallosan Forte

All penis extenders use the same principle and so does Phallosan Forte. However, there is one area that stands out with this penile enlargement device and that is its approach towards increasing penis size.

Phallosan gives its users access to a mobile app where you can manage your training times and achieve better results faster. The product does a commendable job at offering its users up to 2 inches of natural penile growth.

Other than enhancing the size of your manhood, Phallosan is a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction. Meaning that with this device, you are not just enhancing size but also your sex life. Phallosan also treats penis curvature.

When you order Phallosan, it comes in a discreetly packaged box. Inside, there is a guide on how to use the device and you can also download the app so that you can never forget about training. The device is tailored to offer fast and painless results.

Phallosan has over the years been in the limelight because of its effectiveness at increasing penile size. The device’s pulling power and level of comfort has been praised by lots of users.

3. Size Genetics

There is no doubt that when it comes to a man’s sexuality, size does matter and that’s what this device is all about. Cleared by the FDA for medical use, Size Genetics has one of the most comfortable penile extension devices. It offers 2,800 grams of tension which is ideal for painlessly stretching the spongy tissues in your penis.

And that’s not all this device can offer you. Size Genetics trains your penis to maintain firmer and harder erections for longer. Other than the increment in size, you also get to boost your performance in bed.

With over 19 years of helping men increase their penile size, Size genetics is an industry leader. Some of the popular features of this product include the integration of Multi-Directional angling that enables the user to enjoy comfort irrespective of the angle they position themselves in. It is also made from quality medical-grade components that have been infused in a simple yet practical design.

Understandably, penile size can be a source of anxiety to most men. In your attempts to increase penile size, men need to differentiate between what works and what doesn’t. Pills may have been hyped as the go-to option but they don’t work and are unsafe. Penile extenders on the other hand are the most recommended male enhancement products. If you have never given this remedy a try, feel free to get yourself the best penile extension devices above and gain size, girth, and confidence.

The internet is full of tips, and tricks on how you can increase your penis size. And the truth is out of these many options, very few are safe and actually work. Men have been led to believe that pills offer immediate solutions when it comes to increasing penile size and performance in bed. However, this hyped remedy is not safe and neither is it effective.

There is no overnight solution for increasing penile size. These pills that you see advertised all over the internet are designed to treat other conditions. Therefore, taking them puts you at risk of getting side effects for treating ailments that you do not have.

So, now that pills are out of the equation? You are probably wondering, what is the safest and most effective way of increasing penile size? Penile extension devices are the answer.

How to Grow Penis Safely and Effectively without Pills?

Penile growth is supposed to occur naturally. This is the exact opposite of what happens when you take male enhancement pills. A penis extension device stretches your organ through a non-invasive process. Penile extenders are 100% safe and offer lasting results. According to science daily, men who use penile extenders notice a 32% increase in length after 6 months.

The Science behind Use of Penile Extenders

What an extender does is increase skin tissue by gently stretching the penis. The penis like any other organ in the body is expected to grow with time. The same way regular workout can make your biceps and chest bigger, it’s the same way your penis is going to grow when stretched regularly.

Penile extenders are just like workout equipment, only that they are designed for your penis. This is what makes this remedy 100% safe. There are no complications and neither are their side effects.

Why Penile Extenders? What about Other Methods?

Medical News Today acknowledges that penis extenders as the only evidence-based remedy for increasing size and girth. There has been numerous research done on the benefits of traction devices and the good news is that these studies have proven that this remedy works. Penile extenders offer results that one could get from surgery which is an invasive process.

Having introduced surgery into the mix, it’s also important that we look into it. This method can also help you increase penis size. The problem is that it’s a bit too complicated and will chunk a significant amount of money from your bank account.